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Presented by

Shadi Ireifej DVM, DACVS

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Wednesday March 27th at 1 PM EST

Featured in this webinar:

VetGuardian 1@2x

Presented by

Ashley Bourgeois DVM, Diplomate ACVD, Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist

Digital Derm: How to Implement Cytology in Your Busy Practice

Wednesday, April 9th at 1PM EST

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Practical Home Hacks for Senior Dogs and Cats with Mobility Issues

Presented by Mary Gardner DVM

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy ]

Inside the Peripheral Blood Smear

Presented by Frederic S. Almy, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVP

Featuring:[ TRUVIEW™ ]

Cortisol: How Your Current Protocol Measures Up

Presented by Kristin Marzin DVM

Featuring:[ TRUFORMA® ]

Chronic Pain Management: Pharmaceuticals and Beyond

Presented by Arielle Pechette Markley DVM, cVMA, CVPP, CCRT, DAIPM, DACVSMR

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy PulseVet® Shock Wave ]

Senior Comfort and Mobility

Presented by Heidi Lobprise DVM, DAVDC

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy PulseVet® Shock Wave ]

10 Innovative Companies in Vet med Worth a Look

Presented by Shawn Wilke

Featuring:[ TRUVIEW™ ]

Overview of Common Neurological Conditions in Veterinary Rehab and A Helpful Targeted Treatment

Presented by Matt Brunke, Diplomate ACVSMR, CCRP, CVPP, CVA

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy ]

Alternative Therapies for Managing Osteoarthritis Pain

Presented by Christopher Shapley DVM, CVA

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy ]

Laboratory for Dummies: Dermatology Edition

Presented by Robert Schick DVM, DACVD

Featuring:[ TRUVIEW™ ]

Recognition & Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Presented by Jennell Appel DVM, CCRT

Featuring:[ PulseVet® Shock Wave ]

Multi-Modal Management of Lumbosacral Disease

Presented by Arielle Pechette Markley, DVM, cVMA, CVPP, CCRT, DAIPM

Featuring:[ PulseVet® Shock Wave ]

On Guard: How to Stay Vigilant in Immediate Post-Op Management

Presented by Courtney Campbell, DVM, DACVS-SA

Featuring:[ VetGuardian® ]

Feline Rehabilitation: Fact or Fiction

Presented by Kirsty Oliver, VN, DipAVN (Surgical), CVT, CCRP, CVPP

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy ]

Feline Osteoarthritis: Safe Treatment Options

Presented by Leilani Alvarez, DVM, DACVSMR

Featuring:[ Assisi Loop® Therapy PulseVet® Shock Wave ]