Corey Gut, DVM: Being Brave and Staying Strong to Make a Difference for Pets and Families

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voice of the vet - corey gut

Dr. Corey Gut is a veterinarian at DePorre Veterinary Hospital in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her passion for animals and medicine started at a very young age. Born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Gut started veterinary school at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine after only three years of undergrad. Who would have guessed she would end up practicing …

Keri Florida, DVM: A Voice for Patients Who Can’t Speak for Themselves

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Voice of the vet - Keri Florida

Keri Florida, DVM, works as an associate veterinarian with the Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital, a walk-in private clinic, in Swartz Creek, Michigan. Most of Dr. Florida’s time is currently spent in the examination room, and, though she’s been a practicing veterinarian for just four years, her commitment to the welfare of her pet patients is clear. “It’s my mission to …

Christina Bowles, DVM: Finding Balance While Owning a Practice

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voice of the vet - christina bowles

Christina Bowles, DVM, owner of Shaver Road Animal Hospital in Portage, Michigan, started her veterinary career working as a veterinarian in a clinic that offered 24-hour emergency care. These days her focus is on finding balance between work and life—most notably life with her husband, their two boys, and the family’s pets including Tugger the dog, Bobber the cat, and …

Helping Veterinary Practices Thrive: An Interview with Beverly Hollis, DVM

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Veterinarians typically work in veterinary clinics, or they own and run them. Therefore, they tend to stay in one place throughout the day, perhaps leaving the clinic only for lunch and at the end of their workday. Not Bev Hollis, DVM, the Vice President, practice support for VetCor, a Massachusetts-based company that purchases practices from veterinary owners and then joins …

One Vet’s Journey. Stephanie Morley: When Things Come Full Circle

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Most veterinarians come to the profession as children. That is, they knew before age 10 that working with animals was going to be their life’s work. But Stephanie Morley, DVM, the Chief Operations Officer of Zomedica took another route. She came to veterinary medicine from an undergraduate major one doesn’t normally associate with veterinarians: hospitality business. The Voice of the …