Transforming veterinary diagnostics where it matters most — in your practice

Reference lab accuracy can now be achieved right at your hospital. Introducing TRUFORMA, a biosensor platform designed to assist practitioners in the diagnosis of complex conditions.

TRUFORMA offers complete control over the testing process from start to finish, with highly sensitive and specific immunoassays that allow veterinarians to make clinical decisions faster — and begin treating patients sooner.

Initial assays include: Total T4 (canine and feline), Free T4 (canine), TSH (canine and feline), Cortisol (canine), and eACTH (canine).

Gold standard results available at the point of care

TRUFORMA immunoassays  deliver accurate, reliable data when testing for thyroid and adrenal disease. Assay performance metrics to determine specificity and sensitivity were determined with the goal of meeting or exceeding the stringent testing standards found in a reference lab setting.  

Revolutionary Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Technology

Zomedica is bringing innovative, non-optical, fluorescence-free technology to the veterinary world — and your clinic — with TRUFORMA.

Cartridge-based testing process requires minimal training

Liquid reagents come preloaded inside a disposable cartridge. Once the sample is added through an easily accessible port, the cartridge is inserted into the unit, patient information is entered via the touchscreen on top of the device, and the test begins.

Novel assays to aid in correct diagnosis

TRUFORMA offers the first TSH assay developed and validated for cats, which will help veterinarians more readily differentiate between hyperthyroidism and euthyroid sick syndrome.

Compact design for small testing environments

The TRUFORMA device is about the size of a shoebox and weighs around seven pounds (roughly the same as a Pomeranian).

Continuous innovation

Additional assays for use on the cartridge platform are in development.

Easy-to-Use Test