Make decisions faster. Treat patients sooner.

It’s the size of a shoebox and weighs in at just seven pounds. Liquid reagents come preloaded in sealed, disposable cartridges. Simple installation and a user-friendly interface gets teams running tests in no time.

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Take control over the testing process from start to finish

Gold standard results available at the point of care

Assay performance metrics to determine specificity and sensitivity were determined with the goal of meeting or exceeding the stringent testing standards found in a reference lab setting.

TRUFORMA canine and feline assays were evaluated and compared with those of the predicate industry gold standard. TRUFORMA assays achieve reference lab performance levels.

Make confident diagnoses with in-depth results interpretation is your tool for expert advice

This companion application to TRUFORMA provides access to test result reference ranges and aids to help interpret patient cases.

Any internet-connected device can access MyZomedica to view interactive charts, diagnostic tools, and export/print results.

working in lab

Easy to use with minimal training

step 1

Obtain a sample

step 2

Add sample to cartridge

step 3

Insert cartridge into TRUFORMA™

step 4

Results in 20 minutes or less

comparison chart of TRUFORMA canine and feline assays vs. predicate industry gold standard

Groundbreaking Technology

Novel assays to aid in correct diagnosis

The first and only feline-optimized TSH assay, which will help veterinarians more readily differentiate between hyperthyroidism and euthyroid sick syndrome.

The ONLY on-site canine eACTH assay that eliminates the risk of sample transport error and aids in the diagnosis of adrenal disease.

The ONLY free-T4 (fT4) assay available at point of care, eliminating inaccurate results due to sample heating during shipment to a reference laboratory.

Canine-Optimized Cortisol assay that delivers reference lab accuracy with point-of-care convenience.

Total-T4 Assay with enhanced dynamic range.

    Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW)

    The same technology used in aerospace and telecommunications can now be used at your practice. Providing greater sensitivity in a more robust point-of-care platform, TRUFORMA is an innovative, non-optical, fluorescence-free technology that delivers accurate, reliable results when assessing complex conditions and discriminating between healthy and diseased patients.

    groundbreaking technology - 3 step diagram
    • number iconSignal In | An RF signal is delivered to the BAW sensor
    • number iconFrequency Shift | The sensor resonance frequency changes as mass is added to the sensor surface
    • number iconSignal Out | The modified RF signal is used to calculate a frequency shift due to mass binding
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      It’s not what we’re detecting, it’s how we’re detecting it - video overlay
      It’s not what we’re detecting, it’s how we’re detecting it - image part 2
      Johan P. Schoeman

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      Johan P. Schoeman

      BVSc, MMedVet(Med), PhD, DSAM, Dipl, ECVIM

      Recent Webinar

      The Use of Endocrine Biomarkers in Canine Critical Illness

      This webinar will introduce attendees to the use of biomarkers in critical illness; more specifically the use of the endocrine parameters; cortisol and thyroxine in canine critical illness. It will address the effect of critical illness on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and -thyroidal axes and the use of these hormones in predicting the trajectories of individual patients. Certain cut-off values in the prediction of outcome in puppies with parvoviral diarrhea is discussed.

      RACE approved for 1 hour of CE credit

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