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PulseVet is the only high-energy focused sound wave technology backed by peer-reviewed and published clinical research. As the industry leader for over a decade, PulseVet technology is utilized by veterinary clinics and universities worldwide.

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Proven effective, sedation-free healing from the leaders in high-energy sound wave technology

Customizable penetration depth

Using various sizes of trodes and energy settings on the device, PulseVet allows for customized penetration depths up to 110 mm, deeper than any other device. The treatment can be modified to treat a chronic wound, suspensory ligament, or a sore back.

Taking the “sting” out of shock wave therapy

X-Trode™ is the most clinically proven energy-based therapy

Working with the world’s leading shock wave physicists, we have developed a proprietary reflector geometry that flattens the energy distribution curve, enabling focused shock wave energy to cover a much larger volume of tissue with a significantly reduced peak energy. This leads to a much more comfortable treatment for the animal.


“PulseVet has been an industry leader for over a decade, their product is reliable and service has been excellent. The new product is more compact and user-friendly. I am very happy with the results. In my opinion, this is the market leader in shock wave therapy. PulseVet provides an excellent product that is both easy to use and reliable.”

Dr. Richard Wheeler

Partner, Palm Beach Equine Clinic, PulseVet customer since 2005

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Dr. Jennifer Vitucci

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Dr. Jen Vitucci


Recent Webinar

Shockwave Therapy in Canine Rehabilitation

Learn about the science, technology, and mechanism of action of shock wave therapy, its effects on tissue healing, and the clinical research supporting shock wave use in rehabilitation.

RACE approved for ½ hour of CE credit for Veterinarians (USA only)

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