"Identifying the disease-causing infectious agent, in the clinic, same day, patient side is critical to reducing time and cost of treatment. This technology will ultimately save lives, strengthen relationships with pet owners, and help veterinarians leverage good antimicrobial stewardship practices."

- Bonnie Bragdon, DVM, Zomedica Vice President of Veterinary Affairs

Transforming the Way Infection is Diagnosed at the Point of Care

ZM-020: the First Automated Species-Level Pathogen Detection System Utilizing Raman Spectroscopy for Veterinary Medicine

Efficient and effective pathogen identification in veterinary clinics is limited by currently available testing methods. ZM-020 is an automated system designed to provide accurate pathogen identification and speciation in real time by capitalizing on the principles of Raman spectroscopy and machine learning. Zomedica partnered with Seraph Biosciences to develop this transformative technology—a bench top instrument and low-cost consumables—that will allow veterinarians and their teams to make more efficient healthcare decisions and optimize clinical outcomes by transforming the way infection is diagnosed at the point of care.

Shift away from time-consuming, error-prone testing methods currently used to screen for and identify infectious pathogens, starting with urine samples.

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Spot On

Species-level pathogen detection without microscopy or secondary markers provide high specificity and sensitivity.

Keep It Simple

Reagentless platform with minimal sample prep and automated results delivers critical information in minutes giving the busy vet care team time to focus on other pressing matters.

On the Nose

Get critical results in minutes to make informed treatment recommendations that aligning with good antimicrobial stewardship practices.

Confident Care

Screen for a wide variety of pathogens in a range of biological samples with a single diagnostic instrument provides opportunities to build relationships with clients.

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