"Liquid biopsy provides a new tool for veterinarians to help their clients through this emotional time."

- Stephanie L. Morley, DVM
Zomedica Co-founder


Liquid Biopsy In Veterinary Medicine

Transforming Canine Cancer Detection with ZM-017

Advances in veterinary care have increased the life expectancy of our companion animals. Canines, in particular, have benefitted from the improvements in veterinary science. However, as dogs live longer, the potential for cancer increases. Current cancer diagnostic approaches have considerable limitations. These include the need for invasive procedures, the need for multiple tests to confirm diagnosis, and the cost-prohibitive nature of these tests. Zomedica has partnered with Celsee, Inc. to develop ZM-017, a liquid biopsy circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection assay for veterinary application as a canine cancer diagnostic test.

ZM-017 is less invasive, faster, and more affordable than the current standard of care. And, ZM-017 has the potential to not only transform the way veterinary medicine approaches canine cancer, but also positively influence clinical outcomes for canine companions and their owners.

Read how this leading-edge technology aims to help vets and their teams diagnose cancer with confidence, faster.

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Practice with Confidence

Keep it Simple

Requires only a simple in-clinic blood draw, which minimizes stress on the dog, owner, and veterinary staff.

Faster Diagnosis

Results from reference laboratory within 24 hours of sample receipt, providing veterinarians and owners with the opportunity to make treatment decisions sooner.

More Affordable

Less expensive out-of-pocket costs incurred by owners compared to current testing methods, allowing more budgetary dollars to focus on treatment options.


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