Attention Veterinarians and Practice Managers:
We want to hear from you!

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Zomedica is developing point-of-care diagnostics and digital products to assist veterinary teams in providing the best possible care to patients. 

Of course, no one understands what a veterinary care team needs quite like its members, so we’re looking for veterinarians and practice managers to participate in our design process. 

Your input and feedback is critical to helping us bring products that solve meaningful customer problems to market.

WHAT TO EXPECT – Design input sessions will consist of two primary activities:

One 15-30 minute phone call where we will provide more information on the process, confirm program fit, and determine the best process for coordinating future conversations.

Two to three 45-60 minute informal, remote interviews to help us understand intangible details that can influence product design. As we move through the process, we will present prototypes of user interface(s), ask you to perform a task using the prototype and/or survey your input on the digital experience.

These sessions are scheduled to be held several weeks apart. We understand you have a busy schedule and may have difficulty finding time to participate, so we are happy to scale the sessions based on individual availability. 


We’ll make sure you are fairly compensated for taking the time to help us. We hope you’ll also feel the intrinsic  reward of drawing from your clinical expertise and sharing your experiences so we can build products that positively impact your success in clinical practice!


If you would like to contribute, click HERE to complete a contact form and we will be in touch.