Zomedica Puts Veterinarians First at 2018 Veterinary Innovation Summit


L-R: Dr. Ross Massimiano, Dr. Justin Harper, Dr. Stephanie Morley (Zomedica), Dr. Marty Greer, Dr. Gail Wolfe, and Dr. Russel Howe-Smith during the 2018 Veterinary Innovation Summit.

Last week, Zomedica’s Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Product Development, Stephanie Morley, DVM, was honored to present at the 2018 Veterinary Innovation Summit on the criticality of Voice of Customer in all stages of the innovation lifecycle. Hosted by the NAVC, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and the Veterinary Innovation Council, the Veterinary Innovation Summit brought together 500 innovators from around the world to participate in a range of discussions and interactive sessions about trends and technologies impacting the veterinary profession.

In addition, the company sponsored the attendance of five practicing veterinarians from around the country. Each of the sponsored veterinarians is a member of Zomedica’s Voice of the Vet™ program, a growing community of more than 1,000 innovative veterinarians, technicians and practice managers from practices around the United States. Voice of the Vet was created to engage members in active dialog about industry best practices, new product innovation and ways to positively impact the world-wide companion animal veterinary profession.

Known for her ardent support of ensuring the voice of the practicing veterinarian is heard in all corners of the industry, here’s what Dr. Morley recently said about the role clinicians should play in product innovation, “Clinical practitioners are a critical part of innovation in veterinary medicine. It’s important for all of us to be part of the conversation, so all perspectives are considered during product development—not just in response to a final product.”

For more information on Voice of the Vet™, see our video below:

News in Brief:

  •  Stephanie Morley, DVM, Zomedica’s Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Product Development, presented a session titled “Giving Effective Feedback,” which highlighted the need for Voice of Customer in all stages of innovation, from inception to input after commercial launch.
  • Zomedica sponsored the attendance and all expenses of five practicing veterinarians from around the country, including
    • Gail S. Wolfe, Bennett Road Animal Clinic, Okemos, Michigan
    • Justin Harper, Texas Specialty Veterinary Services, San Antonio, Texas
    • Marty Greer, Veterinary Village, Lomira, Wisconsin
    • Ross Massimiano, Thrive Affordable Vet Care, Redlands, California
    • Russell Howe-Smith, PetPT, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Each sponsored attendee is a member of Zomedica’s fast-growing Voice of the Vet™ program, a 1,000 member-strong body dedicated to advancing the practice of veterinary medicine.

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