Zomedica discusses the need for pet cancer diagnostics in the latest Investor Chat podcast from Stockhouse


March 19, 2018

In many respects, animal health is an under-served field. Many of the medications used to treat animal health disorders are actually human drugs, developed for human physiology, and compounded drugs that have not been proven safe or effective for animal use.

As Zomedica began advancing its pipeline of pet pharmaceutical products, the company’s attention was drawn to a parallel gap in animal healthcare: diagnostics. Zomedica chose to begin efforts in this area with the development of a pet-specific diagnostic option for the most serious of diseases: cancer.

In this podcast, Zomedica’s Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Product Development Stephanie Morley, DVM, and Chief Financial Officer Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA, discuss the new frontier in canine cancer detection and Zomedica’s vision to make cancer diagnosis faster, more affordable and less invasive compared to existing veterinary methods.

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