Stockhouse’s Investor Chat Podcast talks animal health with Zomedica Leadership


Healthcare is a growth industry with respect to human health, but it’s a mature industry where large cap companies control most of the sector. In contrast, animal health is an emerging growth sector in the healthcare space, offering a level of blue-sky potential not available in human healthcare.

The pet-pharma market alone is a $10 billion a year market. In contrast to human pharmaceutical products, drug development for companion animals (dogs, cats, and horses) is lower risk thanks to the less costly R&D model and shorter regulatory process. This adds up to the capacity to deliver pipeline value much earlier when compared to a human pharma company.

The greatest opportunity for investment in animal health is right here in North America. The U.S. alone has 57,000 practicing veterinarians focused on companion animals. We love our pets. We want them to receive quality healthcare. Zomedica is on a mission to help veterinarians deliver a superior level of health for our pets while capitalizing on the market opportunities in this under-served sub-sector.

In this podcast, Zomedica’s Chief Operations Officer Stephanie Morley, DVM, and Chief Financial Officer Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA, discuss the animal health market, how it’s unique compared to human health, and offers insight on the company’s operations and future outlook.

Listen to the Zomedica podcast below.

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