Advancing Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Veterinary Medicine

Committed to your success as a practitioner

Zomedica is an animal health company focused on meeting the needs of clinical veterinarians in ways that promote both patient and practice health. Our mission is to advance the effectiveness and financial well-being of veterinary practitioners by delivering professionally beneficial diagnostic products and services.

Our team is comprised of clinical veterinarians, animal health professionals, innovative scientists, and business experts committed to helping practicing veterinarians remember why they chose to care for animals and recapture the joy in their career.

We recognize the emotional rewards that come from working in the animal care industry, the sacrifices made in fulfilling the noble veterinary oath, and the challenges impacting veterinarians’ success.  

Confident in our approach to elevating the standard of care

Zomedica’s goal is to bring gold-standard performance to point-of-care testing. providing veterinary healthcare teams with control over their workday and confidence in their results. Improving immunoassay performance—whether through analytical range, accuracy, precision, or other key metrics—allows practitioners to diagnose disease and start treating diseases sooner. This is especially important with complex/borderline cases. Our diagnostic testing platforms are being developed with these rigorous guidelines in mind. 

Collaborating at all levels of the industry

Zomedica engages general practice veterinarians, veterinary healthcare teams, and veterinary specialists to develop products for clinical use based on clinical needs. Board-certified veterinary internists with disease state expertise guide development of rigorous target specifications for performance of our assays to ensure that our analytical ranges, accuracy, and precision targets will enable first-in-class quantitative measurements for canine and feline populations across a spectrum of medical needs.