Make a difference in the lives of pets and those that care for them.

Zomedica is a veterinary health company dedicated to providing clinical veterinarians with the innovative diagnostics and medical devices they need to better serve the animals in their care. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, the company is planning a Spring 2021 launch of its inaugural product, TRUFORMA, a diagnostic platform that will enable the veterinary health care team to perform highly sensitive, species-specific assays at the point of care and deliver accurate results during or shortly after the patient visit. The first assays to be introduced include those used to diagnose thyroid disease in dogs and cats, and adrenal disease in dogs. 

We are seeking hardworking, talented, creative, and passionate individuals to join our team and assist us in bringing innovative new technologies to the veterinary diagnostics market. 

Open Positions

Regional Diagnostic Specialist

As a Regional Diagnostic Specialist, you will be a customer advocate and work with the entire office staff to ensure that customer needs are understood and satisfied. You will be responsible for building long term relationships with customer for the length of their relationship with the company.
We are looking for Regional Diagnostic Specialists in the following cities and their greater market areas: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Denver, CO; St. Louis/Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL.
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Territory Diagnostic Specialist

As a Zomedica Territory Diagnostic Specialist, you will be responsible for building customer relationships and selling Zomedica’s diagnostic platforms, assays and advanced testing protocols while providing a positive customer experience.
We are looking for a Territory Diagnostic Specialist in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth, TX market area.
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