About Us

Management Team


Gerald Solensky Jr.

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of Zomedica, Gerald Solensky is determined to revolutionize the animal health industry by building an unprecedented business model alongside a world-class leadership team.

Stephanie Morley, DVM

President and Chief Operations Officer
As President and Chief Operations Officer, Stephanie L. Morley, DVM, leads Zomedica’s veterinary and innovation strategies, product development activities, research and development, and facilitates new business opportunities to ensure the delivery of affordable, high quality veterinary products by aligning customer needs, translational technologies, and corporate objectives.

Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer
As Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Zomedica’s Canadian-based parent company, Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA, is focused on strengthening the company’s capital structure via the development and implementation of financial strategies to ensure continued growth and viability in the evolving animal health market.

Bruk Herbst

Chief Commercial Officer
As Zomedica’s Chief Commercial Officer, Bruk Herbst is responsible for leading marketing, sales, and customer service and support operations to execute and deliver the company’s commercial strategy, including the launch of its diagnostic, point of care, and therapeutic product offerings currently in development.