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Zomedica® is focused on advancing the health, effectiveness, and financial well-being of veterinarians.
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Committed to your success as a practitioner

Zomedica is an animal health company focused on meeting the needs of clinical veterinarians in ways that promote both patient and practice health. Our mission is to advance the effectiveness and financial well-being of veterinary practitioners by delivering professionally beneficial products and services.

Elevating the standard of care

Our team is comprised of clinical veterinarians, animal health professionals, innovative scientists, and business experts committed to helping practicing veterinarians remember why they chose to care for animals and recapture the joy in their career.

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Executive Leadership

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Collaborating at all levels of the industry

Zomedica engages general practice veterinarians, veterinary healthcare teams, and veterinary specialists to develop products for clinical use based on clinical needs.

Kristin Domanski

Kristin Domanski

Vice President of Human Resources


Make a difference in the lives of pets and those who care for them

We are seeking hardworking, talented, creative, and passionate individuals to join our team and assist us in bringing innovative new technologies to the veterinary diagnostics market.

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